जीवन और उम्मीद को फिर से पुनर्जीवित करना इस संस्था का सराहनीय काम




If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now, then when? – Hillel

Inspired by this saying, Krishya Khajanchi – a young changemaker started her journey to inspire & engage youth for leadership through direct participation in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. With a motto of “Persistent Efforts Lead to Augmented Transformations”,  believing  in the power of continuous collective efforts by inspiring and empowering people, leading to an exponential impact on key environmental and social issues.

She started “Reinvigorate Foundation”, a registered non- profit Company with a vision and values of Inclusion to consider all perspectives equally, Integrity to honor the best in oneself and everyone, Inspiration to move people to believe in better, Innovation to make a difference- differently & Impact to create change that matters.

Reinvigorate Foundation has continuously been taking targeted actions to help society at large in many areas. They are running many flagship programs like  #Let’s Talk Periods to destigmatize menstruation where in workshops and campaigns are organized to raise awareness and  empower women to think and talk openly for their own health and hygiene and use sustainable products to achieve that.

During covid while taking online classes for students with limited means in collaboration with Be dauntless foundation , she identified the lack of vocational and practical knowledge. She also came up with solution while she was working on modules of communication skills for them. Under the program #Vitalising lives – she collaborated with many NGOs, Government schools, Gareeb Niwaj schools and hasreached out to more than hundreds of students with courses on communication skills and computer literacy to make them job ready.

To make Positive Psychology, a household term & Mental Health, a positive term in society –the need felt during covid. #Express To Liberate – initiative on mental health and wellbeing which engaged thousands of people(all ages) through seminars, webinars ,podcasts with best of the psychiatrists and psychologists, successful and inspiring people to raise awareness on mental health wellbeing and strategies to decode these issues. This initiative also encourages people to adopt a medium of expression like dance, drama, poetry, writing, music etc  which leads to a better mental health.

 The world belongs to all – humans and animals need to live in harmony .With the initiative Praise the Strays this initiative also focuses on animal health and welfare by conducting rescue ,spray-neuter drives so that these animals can live healthy and disease free and try getting them adopted to loving families.

With a team of youth working hand in hand selflessly with her , its appreciable what this young and inspiring change maker is doing with her vision and  leadership skills.

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